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List of Current Classes:

   Sunday, June 30, 2018

Getting Your Texas License To Carry (LTC) at Tina’s Gun Academy, LLC

The best classes are those where we come to you - to your home or business. We offer a 20% discount for groups of 6 or more. And if your group is 10 or more your own fee will be refunded to you. Classes are taught in a relaxed, comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere. Please allow at least 5 hours for classroom instruction and testing. 

All students must know how to safely operate and how to shoot the handgun they will be using for the range proficiency before attending the range proficiency. The shooting portion of the curriculum is a shooting proficiency test only, not  Basic Firearm Instruction. We will be happy to schedule time with anyone requesting instruction on a day prior to class to ensure they are familiar with their handgun and know how to load, unload and fire it properly. 

The classroom portion covers the legal aspects of concealed carry, open carry, safe firearm handling and storage (keeping your firearms away from children and those who do not have permission to access your firearms), the use of force and deadly force and nonviolent dispute resolution as required by Texas law.

Fee Structure for Private LTC Instruction: 
   1 - 5 students -- $125 per person
   6+ students --    $100 per person (Difference will be refunded to students in class, unless paid by host in advance)

   Active or Retired Military -- $55 per person, Public or Private (Difference will be refunded to students in class upon providing current

      Military ID or DD214)

As stated above, a host may register and pay for 6 students up front to receive the 20% discount. All additional unregistered students may pay upon arrival to class. We want what ever is most convenience for you.

The class fee to Tina's Gun Academy, LLC covers classroom instruction and testing necessary to provide you with a LTC-100 Form (the Certificate of Training, required by the Texas Department of Safety to issue your license).

The State of Texas LTC Application Fee is separate and only payable directly to the State of Texas upon online application completion - see details below. 

Also, if the Range Proficiency test is held at a public shooting range the fees for the range proficiency test will be payable directly to the range where the proficiency test is conducted unless otherwise specified. Range proficiency does not have to be done on the same day as the classroom instruction. We will be happy to make arrangements if another time is more convenient for you.

Range Proficiency:

You will need at least 50 rounds of ammunition (more is highly suggested in case of misfires or jams)


Range Fees:

  Armadillo Gun Range - $27.50 and includes cardboard target and a 1-year range membership

- discounts available for LE and Military.
  6710 Act Industries Cir, Nevada, TX 75173, 972-853-0602

  $27.50 Annual Membership

  $17.50 Range Fee 

  $8.50  Range Fee on Tuesdays

  Garland Public Shooting Range -

  2606 Pleasant Valley Rd., Garland, TX 75040

  $15 Lifetime Membership Fee

  $15 Range Fee - $20 w/o membership

You can use any type of FACTORY ammunition - Full Metal Jacket, Jacketed Hollow Point, round nose, frangible, etc. You CANNOT use reloaded ammunition or ammunition that has a steel core bullet (potential fire hazard). Steel core ammo is pretty rare but If it's magnetic, you can't use it. Don’t take chances, buy a box of ammo.


 Texas Department of Public Safety Instructions-- License To Carry (LTC)

Complete the Texas DPS Online Application at Texas DPS website.

As of September 1, 2017 the Texas DPS Application Fees have changed.

$40 - Standard State License Fee (5 year license)

$40 - Seniors State License Fee For those 60 years or older (5 year license)

$25 - Former Military License Fee  (5 year license)

Free - Active Military State License Fee  (5 year license)

As of January 1, 2016 people who obtain a license from the state will be allowed to openly carry a firearm if desired in a BELT or SHOULDER HOLSTER. The State no longer will refer to your carry license as a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) because the requirement for concealment of the firearm at all times has been removed in any place not expressly prohibited by law.

You must be a legal resident of Texas with a current Texas Driver License, and at least 21-years-old to be eligible for LTC. 

Texas License To Carry A Handgun is a five year license. A class is no longer required for renewal and in some cases there is no fee. Anyone who is up for renewal is welcome to attend one of our classes for refresher training, but no certificate of training is required for renewals. Renewals are all done on line at the Texas DPS website.
Step 1: Attend the License To Carry Class and pass the written and state shooting tests.
Step 2: Complete and submit the Texas DPS Online Application, pay the required fee, pass the background check, at the Texas DPS website. Read page for requirements, scroll down to bottom of the page click APPLY.
Step 3: Schedule your Electronic Fingerprints appointment online by clicking the personalized link in the email you receive from uenroll.identogo.com after filing your Application, or go to https://uenroll.identogo.com/ using Service Code 119Q91, or call 888-467-2080 using Service Code 119Q91.
Step 4: Upload Your CHL-100 and any  other supporting documentation requested in .pdf format to the Texas DPS website.

The cost of the 4+ hour class starts at $55.00