Tina's Gun Academy, LLC

No Fear, Just Fun

Classes range from $40 - $125/hour with a 2-hour minimum.

Contact us to schedule your class. Please indicate what level of instruction you require and how many students along with the age of the student so that we know which instructor will be best suited to your needs.





Private, Group or Corporate

Classes are our specialty!

Range Proficiency:

For Private LTC classes, the range proficiency can be done on the clients property if zoned appropriately. We will provide target stands.

There are several area gun ranges as well. Please let us know if there is a range you prefer.

Armadillo Gun Range

$10.00 with range membership

$27.50 and includes a 1-year range membership

Garland Public Shooting Range

$15.00 with range membership

$15.00 lifetime range membership


chool may or may not allow Teachers or Staff to carry on premises you can still learn handgun basics and how to shoot on your own time.


Includes 2-hours of Basic Pistol Instruction - Semi-Auto or Revolver. 

LTC Class + Test  - approx. 5 hours 

LTC Range Proficiency Test - 20  minutes


If you wish to schedule lessons please contact us for scheduling.


We never think it can happen to us… until it does. Learn what you can do to protect yourself and your family from becoming a criminals next target. The Refuse To Be A Victim® crime prevention seminar was developed to help you gain a sense of power by developing a safety plan before you need it.

This seminar will teach you to use situational awareness, how to avoid dangerous confrontations, and help prevent you from becoming a victim. In just four hours, you will get the tools needed to develop your own personal safety strategy. Every violent confrontation is truly unique.

Topics covered:

The Psychology of Criminal Predators
Physical Security & Mental Preparedness
Home, Vehicle & Technological Security

Protection Devices, types of Self-Defense & Training Options
Criminals: How they see you

Crimes of Opportunity

Situational Awareness

Awareness, Intuition, Mindset (A.I.M.)

Mental Conditioning

Levels of Awareness
Ramifications and Outcomes

Physical Security

Self Defense, Personal Safety Devices

Home Security

Exterior, Interior, Safe Room, Schedules

Automobile Security

Parking, Accidents, Theft, Road Rage

Technological Security

Phone/Text/Email Scams

Our Private LTC classes are scheduled at the clients convenience - weekdays or weekends, your home or office.  Invite your friends and family to earn your license together.

Or host a Corporate Event or Continuing Education with a LTC Class in a Meeting Room (there are no firearms on the premises). In just 4-5 hours you can give your employees the afternoon to earn their LTC.

The Range Proficiency can be done on your property (if zoned appropriately) or at an area gun range.

We also have scheduled  classes for larger groups at the Rockwall Rotary Club, Bass Pro Shops-Garland, and various local churches.

The information will be posted on this website, and also on the  Tina's Gun Academy Facebook page.  @funnotfear.


Our goal is to teach fundamental handgun use and operation in a safe and comfortable environment no matter what your level or your interests may be. Our instructors will make sure you learn to shoot the right way. We teach the proper knowledge, skills and attitude to achieve your goals. We want you to find how much fun the sport of shooting can be!

Firearms Classes include Basics of Pistol Shooting and how to buy your first handgun for beginners. We also offer Advanced Firearms training, Defensive Handgun training, and Drill & Skills which includes shooting metal and steel!

We also have public LTC classes. They will be posted on this website and on the Tina's Gun Academy Facebook Page

We even have courses in Gun Cleaning and Maintenance - yes, it's that important! Whether you are a beginning shooter or feel a little rusty since getting your CHL/LTC, want advanced training or would like to shoot competitively, give us a call. We can guide you to where you want to be.

Our Instructors are all qualified, experienced trainers -- Texas DPS Certified LTC Instructors, NRA Certified Firearms Instructors, NRA Certified Range Safety Officers, and former military pistol instructors.

TGA is offering Teachers, grades K - 12, FREE handgun training. Your school may or may not allow Teachers or Staff to carry on the premises, but that doesn't stop you from learning everything you can.

The Catch? We also want you to have a License to Carry a Handgun in Texas and to take that class from us - At A Reduced Rate of $50 + your range fee - so bring another teacher and share a lane/fee!