Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar


RTBAV will show you how to train yourself to be safe - no matter where you go or how you get there. My RTBAV seminar has been updated to reflect 2017+. Technology changes every single day and criminals try to stay ahead of the curve coming up with new ways to harm us or take what we hold dear. But if you see them first, you won't be their next target.

We will discuss; How criminals see you; Why criminals target certain people and how you create Crimes of Opportunity. Too many crimes occur due our lack of SITUATIONAL AWARENESS! Become mentally prepared and know what to do if an unforeseen incident occurs and you need to act in a split second.

Learn to ask yourself "What would I do if... ?" rather than "I wish I would have thought to..."

There is no single solution to avoiding every incident and no 1-size-fits-all to  avoiding crime, so practice the tips and techniques offered in this awesome program.  

Special thanks goes out to Fr. Jd Brown for providing us space to have this tremendously educational safety program at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Garland (My Church).

Holy Trinity Church-Garland Parishioners please go to the link below to Register as Family or Individual...

Thank you!