Tina's Gun Academy, LLC

No Fear, Just Fun
 Tina Jones - Firearms Instructor - Texas LTC Instructor
                          Range Safety Officer - RSO Instructor

It wasn't that long ago that I didn't care anything about guns. But the world was changing around me in ways that made me uncomfortable. I applied for a Texas Concealed Handgun License, but I didn't know how to shoot, or anything about guns really. Most people from Texas grow up around guns - I wasn't one of them.

I found a wonderful firearms instructor. Patiently, he taught me to adjust my stance, my grip, remember to breath and to keep my eyes open. By my second lesson I was having FUN! He always had new and challenging things for me to learn. I was led through drills and taught skills that now I teach to others (some things in  Refuse To Be A Victim seminars). Once I saw that I could actually hit what I aimed at I got a little competitive.  
Well, one thing led to another. I joined a women's outdoors league where I found gobs of like-minded women who shoot for fun. I also learned that guns are a lot like purses - when you find something you like, you need it in every size and style - and if its on sale that's even better! I started earning NRA Certifications, which then led to NRA Instructor Certifications because I wanted everyone to learn and love the sport of shooting. So, on the very high side of 40, I found my niche. Shooting, competing and TEACHING - these make me happy.
At Tina's Gun Academy, you will feel  safe, and you will have everything you need to feel comfortable if you want to learn to shoot.

THAT BEING SAID, not everyone wants to shoot or needs to own a gun - it is your choice. Sometimes we only need to KNOW WE ARE SAFE, and Tina's Gun Academy you will show you how to be in control and become safer by attending a Refuse To Be A Victim® seminar. You will learn tips and techniques to follow every day, every where you go to help avoid becoming a criminals next target.


Mike Mooty - Firearms Instructor


Mike grew up in Texas doing all things "outdoors", mostly hunting. He got his first gun when he was 3 years old. After graduation he joined the Army. He was stationed in Hawaii and spent his time on an Army Pistol Team, training, competing, winning, and showing-off.

A few years ago he created a shooting skill tool called Ghost Targets.  He too loves to teach people how to shoot and if you aren't hitting what you're aiming at, he can spot it in your first shot - and then tell you how to fix it. He has incredible patience when it comes to new shooters. 

The fluff: He is a leader, not a follower. His favorite color is black, his eyes are blue, favorite actor is John Wayne, favorite music is Country (the old stuff), his favorite gun... is loaded.

John McNally - Firearms Instructor - Competition Coach

John McNally is the man you call if you want to shoot competitively, and win. He is a 5 time Olympic Athlete, as was his father.  Needless to say, his Sport was Shooting, Men's 25 Meter. I've seen where he keeps his trophies, hundreds of them, in every form of award, prize, and trophy imaginable.  I was speechless, he just shrugged. He was also in the Army.  John was an in a Special Ops unit, The Army Rangers. From what I hear, they are some Army bad asses. And just a short time ago, he worked for Glock USA for several years. Now, when he's not on the range, he's working in the family business making McNally Glock Triggers.

When I Googled John for this page on my website, this is what I found...

"Not only has John achieved success in competitive shooting, he did so while serving in the Army. He made his first Olympics in 1984 after serving with the 3rd Ranger Company, TSB. He later served with the Army Marksmanship Unit as Officer in Charge of Pistol, where he created the Action Pistol unit. While serving in the Army he also competed in the 1988 and 1992 games, and then in 1996 and 2000 games he competed as a civilian. John also earned many NRA champion titles over his career."

But, I know John as a brilliant Coach, a patient Teacher, and a relentless Trainer. When I make a really sucky shot, he says, "Yeah, that one was a little crazy. Don't do it again."